dished: green bean crunch

by evergreen&sweetpea


this beautiful picture is from wandering spice. their recipe is similar to what I did so feel free to click on the picture and refer back to it. if I had taken the time maybe my dish would have looked as pretty as theirs!

it’s a pretty simple recipe and I’m sure there are plenty others like this online.

what I do:

steam green beans (I use frozen organic ones from costco); drain

put a couple pats of organic salted butter into a frying pan until they are sizzling; saute a couple sliced up garlic cloves until slightly browned. dump the green beans in and stir around for a few minutes so they all get coated. add generous amounts of himalayan pink salt (or whatever you’d like), pepper, and onion powder.

top with toasted almond slices (I use the garlic flavored tasty gourmet brand). if you are a super chef you could make some from scratch (these sound fabulous!).

that’s it! a very good recipe for someone lazy about cooking like me 🙂 the crunchy almonds are a delicious contrast to the buttery green beans. I served them with home made mashed ‘taters and creamy macaroni and cheese.