“the one”

by evergreen&sweetpea

it’s finally happened.

it’s been awhile since I first started keeping my eye out for the perfect area rug for my living room (since before I moved, actually). I knew it would be a significant amount of money for me, and I wanted to make sure that it was something I was completely in love with. as per one of my previous “discovered” posts, I do love a good moroccan style rug. my favorite colors to decorate with are grays, white, and black and I either wanted a blue rug or rug with blue in it, to be a pop of color, or stick to my beloved neutrals and bring in color in other ways. I finally had some money available to spend so I checked my favorite decor websites (west elm, urban outfitters, burke decor, and others) and then a couple other places like target that I knew had stylish rugs for cheaper. my goal was to find an 8′ x 10′ for $200 or less. finally I checked overstock because I had seen some sheepskins on there that I liked.

and I found it!


I love it. it has a traditional print (quite similar to a rug my grandmother had, which gives me good memories) but in wonderful colors. I’ve got quite a few projects I’m working on for my living room right now that I will be sure to post soon, and hopefully some time in the near future I will be finished enough to do a room tour with the rug in place.