made: bathroom art

by evergreen&sweetpea


this article on apartment therapy regarding art in the bathroom is pretty funny to me. whether or not there is art in a bathroom doesn’t seem to me like it should be a big deal under any normal circumstances. in any case, my bathroom has been looking pretty bare ever since I’ve moved in, and I wanted something to tie together my tenuous color scheme. I stumbled upon this site after seeing a post about a really neat piece of art that wasn’t strictly art at all- it was paper. paper mojo’s prices are very good, reasonable enough to make up for what seems like pretty high shipping costs just for paper. and the paper is so gorgeous!

my bathroom colors are black, gold, white, and light blue. in my dream house, the walls would be crisp white subway tile, the floor would be old wood painted white, and the bathroom vanity would be a vintage chest of some sort with a sink in it. and there would be a giant window or several windows, preferably looking out on a gorgeous private view. right now I’ve got candles and accents that all work together, but the walls in my house are an awful yellowish off white and the floor is a very old yellow-orange linoleum. there are also no windows, so it’s pretty dark, and there are some built in wood cabinets that are stained chocolate. in any case my colors don’t flow like I want them to with the preexisting fixtures.

I got this paper to try to bring in more light blue, gold, and white together. then I found some frames at Value Village for under $4 and spray painted two white, one black and cleaned the glass in them.


I cut out a square a little bit larger than the size of the frame and taped it onto the pieces of cardboard that were inside the frames- kind of like wrapping a present.



then I sprayed both sides of all three (and the frames, for good measure) with matte krylon. I’m hoping this will keep them from bubbling up/getting damaged from the humidity of the bathroom.


I’m planning to find some smaller frames to add to the grouping and do some other fun projects with this paper.