made: ombré bottles

by evergreen&sweetpea



ever since I moved into my house, I’ve been collecting succulents and pots to decorate my mantle (inspired by this picture, taken at the ojai rancho inn). unfortunately I still don’t really have enough to make it work, plus the mantle in my house doesn’t get enough light for most of my plants. so I’ve mounted some glass shelves in a south facing window and moved them all to there. now I don’t have anything on my mantle other than a couple pictures, so I found this tutorial to use up all my extra bottles in a pretty way. I’m still collecting, but so far I love them, and at some point I’d like to add some fake flowers (real ones are too expensive for how long they last!), a different kind for every season.


painting the bottles is easy. just spray a coat or two of your base color over the whole bottle, and flip it upside down. next angle your second color towards the base of the bottle and adjust for any problematic ridges. check out the linked tutorial for more thorough instructions.