succulent shelves

by evergreen&sweetpea



like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’ve moved my succulents from my mantle, where they weren’t doing so well, to some glass shelves that my boyfriend mounted in my window for me. and they are thriving! they might not all be true cacti, but the most recent ones came in containers from home depot advertising their easy to care for nature and calling them succulents so… either way they are very happy in my south facing window. once I re-pot my two fig babies I’ll move them under this window, after I’ve made some plant stands.


only two shelves could fit in the top part of the window, and I can’t open it anymore obviously, but it doesn’t have a screen on it so I never opened it in the first place because I don’t let my kitties outside.


the wall hanging is DIYed with a stick I grabbed from my yard and two colors of thick yarn. it was very easy and only took me about an hour to do. hopefully I will get around to doing a post about it in the future.