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dished: white bean burgers

we had these last weekend for a picnic. they were very easy to make, and I modified them a little bit.


I didn’t have any fresh basil, so I used dried instead, about half a tablespoon. instead of parmesan I used mozzarella, and I had a can of white beans that I used in place of navy beans (not sure what the difference is but I think there is one). and I used some gluten free bread for breadcrumbs. also I did not make the tomato olive relish… too lazy 🙂

these tasted great! we had pretzel buns that I buttered and toasted in a frying pan.


my boyfriend likes onions, I like brie.


with the giant buns, we both ended up saving our second burgers for the next day. they were good then, too! in the future I plan to make this recipe ahead of time and freeze it in patty shapes for easy cooking.


made: plant stand via abm

even though it isn’t anywhere close to being done, I really love my living room (most of the time). that being said, there are a few things that always make my day just sitting around looking pretty. both are from my boyfriend, and the one I’m sharing today he made me as a birthday present.

IMAG0238 (1)IMAG0234 (1) IMAG0237 (1)

it’s this plant stand, tutorial thanks to mandi. I think the tutorial was fairly easy to follow for my boyfriend, although he was in a bit of a hurry when he did it so it’s a little unsteady. on the carpet it is fine though. before he put it together I spray painted the pieces, two coats for everything. paint doesn’t really stick to the raw edges of the circles and ends of the long pieces, but I actually like that it has the natural accents. the plant on the top is an african violet in a pyrex bowl I found at a flea market, and on the bottom is an aloe vera plant from my local ingles. they’re both doing really well in the indirect light, and I don’t water either of them very often. also pictured is a kitty toy, my area rug, some diy-ed art/old pictures, and my grandparents’ console (“vintage” I suppose) that I repainted earlier this year.

sometimes I can get really frantic and caught up in trying to decorate everything all at once (usually when inspiration strikes after looking at other peoples’ homes), but I’m trying to have the self control to hold off on any more major pieces until I move to a more permanent home. plus my style changes so often that I need to save up for the classic big pieces rather than snatching up lots of cute details that I’ll end up changing out. life lessons, I guess 🙂

discovered: shibori



shibori (絞り染め just for fun) is a japanese word that refers to a method of dying cloth. it’s pretty much everywhere right now, and I love it. it’s like tie dye is super popular again (outside of the elementary school crowd), except this seems to be a more refined and elegant version of it. the best part is that it’s also very easy to diy. also how incredibly dreamy is that couch?! that was the look I was going for when I experimented with painting one of my couch cushions… never again. it ended up looking like camo. in any case, I was much more successful with some cotton shirts, traditional dye, and this tutorial.

links from left to right


p.s. I follow rebecca atwood on instagram and she is incredible! I have so much respect for artisans like her and her work is amazing. also how gorgeous are she and her mother?!

succulent shelves



like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’ve moved my succulents from my mantle, where they weren’t doing so well, to some glass shelves that my boyfriend mounted in my window for me. and they are thriving! they might not all be true cacti, but the most recent ones came in containers from home depot advertising their easy to care for nature and calling them succulents so… either way they are very happy in my south facing window. once I re-pot my two fig babies I’ll move them under this window, after I’ve made some plant stands.


only two shelves could fit in the top part of the window, and I can’t open it anymore obviously, but it doesn’t have a screen on it so I never opened it in the first place because I don’t let my kitties outside.


the wall hanging is DIYed with a stick I grabbed from my yard and two colors of thick yarn. it was very easy and only took me about an hour to do. hopefully I will get around to doing a post about it in the future.

made: astronaut art



last week, I saw the cutest thing on sale- this retro card game from restoration hardware! for some reason I loved how the cards looked, and I got the idea to frame them in different ways.

luckily my mom had a bunch of old frames she didn’t want anymore, so it was just a matter of spray painting them black + matte krylon (like I did here) and adding the cards. the biggest one is just cards framed on a sheet of black construction paper.


this little guy is just a single card framed. I used it in my bathroom beside my other “made” art, along with a black and gold framed poem.


for this one, I printed a black and white picture of the moon to use as the background. (these pictures were taken at night on my kitchen counter so regrettably this one is a little crooked!)

the two smaller ones I hung beside my thermostat on a little chunk of wall next to my pantry. my house is heated by a gas fireplace, and the men who installed it hung the remote control right at eye level instead of next to the two sets of light switches that were already there… it looks kind of funny to have a single picture hanging next to it, so I used these two different sized ones to camouflage it.

this was a very easy project, but I think one of my favorites so far!

dished: coffee caramelized croissant french toast sticks



okay, first and foremost a disclaimer: I haven’t made these yet! which is pretty awful, and I promise I’m dying to. this weekend I actually bought croissants for the purpose of making this recipe. however I didn’t get quite enough in the first place, and then once my boyfriend saw that the recipe involved coffee, he was completely against them no matter what I said. I’m resigned to making them in a few months when he’s forgotten about it and I’m 99.9% sure he’ll like them even though he’s kind of picky. I have to spring these kinds of things on him before he has time to think about them and decide he doesn’t like them.

anyways, this recipe looks completely heavenly and I hope that someone else can enjoy them for me! huge thanks to tieghan for this loveliness and her incredible creativity. recipe here.

made: bathroom art


this article on apartment therapy regarding art in the bathroom is pretty funny to me. whether or not there is art in a bathroom doesn’t seem to me like it should be a big deal under any normal circumstances. in any case, my bathroom has been looking pretty bare ever since I’ve moved in, and I wanted something to tie together my tenuous color scheme. I stumbled upon this site after seeing a post about a really neat piece of art that wasn’t strictly art at all- it was paper. paper mojo’s prices are very good, reasonable enough to make up for what seems like pretty high shipping costs just for paper. and the paper is so gorgeous!

my bathroom colors are black, gold, white, and light blue. in my dream house, the walls would be crisp white subway tile, the floor would be old wood painted white, and the bathroom vanity would be a vintage chest of some sort with a sink in it. and there would be a giant window or several windows, preferably looking out on a gorgeous private view. right now I’ve got candles and accents that all work together, but the walls in my house are an awful yellowish off white and the floor is a very old yellow-orange linoleum. there are also no windows, so it’s pretty dark, and there are some built in wood cabinets that are stained chocolate. in any case my colors don’t flow like I want them to with the preexisting fixtures.

I got this paper to try to bring in more light blue, gold, and white together. then I found some frames at Value Village for under $4 and spray painted two white, one black and cleaned the glass in them.


I cut out a square a little bit larger than the size of the frame and taped it onto the pieces of cardboard that were inside the frames- kind of like wrapping a present.



then I sprayed both sides of all three (and the frames, for good measure) with matte krylon. I’m hoping this will keep them from bubbling up/getting damaged from the humidity of the bathroom.


I’m planning to find some smaller frames to add to the grouping and do some other fun projects with this paper.

made: cafe lights

DIY_ping_pong_lights6 IMG_20140319_195612

this is an adorable diy I recreated from liz stanley at say yes (her picture on the left, mine on the right via instagram). all it requires are some ping pong balls and a strand of LED lights. in the tutorial she used colored ones and I chose to go with white ones. it was a very easy project but rather tedious to cut the holes in the ping pong balls (I didn’t have an exacto knife so I just used a kitchen knife!). head over to her blog for the full tutorial.