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dished: white bean burgers

we had these last weekend for a picnic. they were very easy to make, and I modified them a little bit.


I didn’t have any fresh basil, so I used dried instead, about half a tablespoon. instead of parmesan I used mozzarella, and I had a can of white beans that I used in place of navy beans (not sure what the difference is but I think there is one). and I used some gluten free bread for breadcrumbs. also I did not make the tomato olive relish… too lazy 🙂

these tasted great! we had pretzel buns that I buttered and toasted in a frying pan.


my boyfriend likes onions, I like brie.


with the giant buns, we both ended up saving our second burgers for the next day. they were good then, too! in the future I plan to make this recipe ahead of time and freeze it in patty shapes for easy cooking.


dished: coffee caramelized croissant french toast sticks



okay, first and foremost a disclaimer: I haven’t made these yet! which is pretty awful, and I promise I’m dying to. this weekend I actually bought croissants for the purpose of making this recipe. however I didn’t get quite enough in the first place, and then once my boyfriend saw that the recipe involved coffee, he was completely against them no matter what I said. I’m resigned to making them in a few months when he’s forgotten about it and I’m 99.9% sure he’ll like them even though he’s kind of picky. I have to spring these kinds of things on him before he has time to think about them and decide he doesn’t like them.

anyways, this recipe looks completely heavenly and I hope that someone else can enjoy them for me! huge thanks to tieghan for this loveliness and her incredible creativity. recipe here.

dished: green bean crunch


this beautiful picture is from wandering spice. their recipe is similar to what I did so feel free to click on the picture and refer back to it. if I had taken the time maybe my dish would have looked as pretty as theirs!

it’s a pretty simple recipe and I’m sure there are plenty others like this online.

what I do:

steam green beans (I use frozen organic ones from costco); drain

put a couple pats of organic salted butter into a frying pan until they are sizzling; saute a couple sliced up garlic cloves until slightly browned. dump the green beans in and stir around for a few minutes so they all get coated. add generous amounts of himalayan pink salt (or whatever you’d like), pepper, and onion powder.

top with toasted almond slices (I use the garlic flavored tasty gourmet brand). if you are a super chef you could make some from scratch (these sound fabulous!).

that’s it! a very good recipe for someone lazy about cooking like me 🙂 the crunchy almonds are a delicious contrast to the buttery green beans. I served them with home made mashed ‘taters and creamy macaroni and cheese.