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this nature/nurture is very special, as it features a school bus that was turned into a camper! featured on design sponge not once, but twice, marco khalil and caroline west have incredible taste and lovely, creative minds. the ‘nature’ is somewhere I would die to take their home on wheels- the redwood forests. can you imagine?!




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this house kills me. it’s pretty often that I will see a house and fall in love with it instantaneously, but I feel like this one is a level above that (and don’t be surprised if I say that often). there’s just something so clean and comforting about it. I love bright white spaces for how crisp and airy they are, but more often than not I wouldn’t actually feel comfortable living somewhere so blank… maybe because it would be too easy to mess up, I don’t know. especially now that it’s warm I’ve been leaning more towards a bohemian vibe, while still staying organized and avoiding clutter, which is very important to me. the abundance of natural linen color in chay wike’s home, featured on domino, softens the fresh white walls, keeping the rooms light but making everything seem more inviting. there are no shortage of sheepskin accents which are to die for, and the subtle southwestern patterns add color and texture. and those french doors along the dining room wall are absolutely priceless! how gorgeous would it be to open all those doors and let the breeze roll in off the coast. this home would make a perfect beach house appropriate for both everyday living and relaxing.



this clean, white, open kitchen with all the glassware and light makes me think there are some huge bay windows right across from it with a beautiful trellis covered in climbing roses. the kitchen belongs to kate davidson whose incredible apartment was featured on design sponge (link to post). she has a beautiful way of mixing thrifted and family pieces in an airy, relaxed way that makes her home feel like it is surrounded by sprawling countryside.