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discovered: hanging planters


it’s no secret that I love plants. soon I’ll be making a long awaited for and very exciting move, and I’m hoping to create a kind of sunroom space, or at least decorate the front porch. some of these planters are kind of small for the traditional big bushy greenery that’s found on front porches, but I think several small ones would look cute mixed in with a big one or two.

p.s. in a way this is also an etsy éclat post, since all of these came from etsy. for things like planters it’s a better bet finding unique and/or modern designs handmade, rather than at home depot etc.




discovered: shopping on a budget

okay so I know that I’m plunging into new territory here and that outfit posts are a dime a dozen. but shopping is also one of my favorite past-times (unfortunately) and I’ve never tried to make an outfit layout like this before and thought it would be a lot of fun. turns out I was right! there’s nothing very special about these summer outfits but I enjoyed putting them together and that’s what blogging is all about. they’re also both under $75.

outfit 1

this first outfit is from h&m. nearly all of my clothes shopping is done online right now, and I find it much easier to sort out what items are the best value and exactly what I’m looking for. shopping in person is so distracting and it’s nearly impossible to see every item in the store, and usually the selection isn’t as good as online… plus other people have tried the clothes on and rumpled them up and put them back in the wrong place and gotten deodorant on them etc. blegh. anyways I know h&m isn’t always considered the best quality, but in my experience if I don’t wash items in unnecessarily harsh conditions and generally treat them nicely like things I plan on having for awhile, and not like disposable clothes, they last a long time considering how cheap they are. (people say things like that about ikea, that they make “disposable furniture”… I find that ridiculous. yes their furniture isn’t going to be a huge investment for most people and some of their cheaper stuff isn’t the highest quality, but if you don’t treat it like it’s disposable then it’ll last you. and a $500 couch isn’t disposable! for the most part their stuff seems to be crafted with care and good quality for how lightweight it is and the fact that it is built to be a bargain.) okay back to clothes… the main thing I don’t like about h&m is the shipping charge. $5.95 really adds up after you’ve ordered, returned, requested an exchange, etc. but for the most part I can weasel enough discount codes and sale items into my cart that it evens out. I also like that h&m is pretty trendy with their new stuff so if I want to try out something iffy, it isn’t a huge risk.

outfit one: tank $10, shorts $13, shopper $25, necklace $8, sandals $15

outfit 2

for this outfit I drew from gap and asos’s sale sections and h&m’s regular section. this is obviously a little less casual than shorts and a tank top and could be adapted for a more professional situation.

in the past, I’ve seen outfits posts that were less than $100 or less than $75 and I thought, geez, that’s still not very affordable… but in reality it’s hard to build an outfit that isn’t total crap for less than $75, including one or two accessories. plus things you already own can be combined with new pieces for a variety of looks without spending more. I guess when I shop I usually focus on several different styles of individual items that can fit with what I already own, rather than building looks… also I feel like it spreads out the “new” if I get a couple pairs of shorts and a few shirts, for example, to wear interchangeably with each other and old clothes than a whole outfit that wears the new all at once. that’s pretty silly now that I think about it 🙂

maybe I should also disclose that actually, my closet is mostly grays and blacks, so these looks are unusually colorful for me! it’s good to step out of the monochrome box every once and awhile.

outfit two: dress $35, espadrilles $20, belt $10, aviators $8

etsy éclat: note writing



what is it about a blank notebook that feels so inspiring? crisp white pages with nothing on them, the smell of new paper… I’m always reluctant to start a new notebook because I feel like I should have a “theme” to be justified in messing one up. in any case, here’s a little roundup of materials to use for thank-yous or just saying hello. or you can gift these items as a kit, and maybe you’ll get a thank-you note back made with your supplies!

gift tags/geometric notebook/hello stamp/grid notebooks

discovered: shibori



shibori (絞り染め just for fun) is a japanese word that refers to a method of dying cloth. it’s pretty much everywhere right now, and I love it. it’s like tie dye is super popular again (outside of the elementary school crowd), except this seems to be a more refined and elegant version of it. the best part is that it’s also very easy to diy. also how incredibly dreamy is that couch?! that was the look I was going for when I experimented with painting one of my couch cushions… never again. it ended up looking like camo. in any case, I was much more successful with some cotton shirts, traditional dye, and this tutorial.

links from left to right


p.s. I follow rebecca atwood on instagram and she is incredible! I have so much respect for artisans like her and her work is amazing. also how gorgeous are she and her mother?!

etsy éclat


the unofficial title of this post is “brilliant blue”, for obvious reasons. isn’t turquoise fabulous?!

these pictures of the new zealand coast will answer that question, in case there’s any dispute. they’re unabashedly gleaned from google images so click through for links.

etsy sources, left to right: 1./2./3./4.

new zealand - bay of islands

New Zealand


etsy éclat



these pictures remind me of light, with all their shades of white and gold reflecting one another. they are both delicate and sturdy, offering illumination, inspiration, physical support, and a comforting warm beverage. I believe it’s important to surround yourself with things you love, not for materialistic purposes, but for mental health, clarity, and happiness.

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discovered: coastal cool

I recently began receiving emails from one kings lane, hoping to find some good deals on things that I needed. I successfully found a whole lot of things that I don’t need, but really want now (and I’m okay with that). yesterday they featured paintings in cooling, calming shades of blue. the beach has already been sounding incredibly appealing to me lately, and now I’m dying to visit a quiet villa beside the ocean somewhere. until then, I’ll just dream about having these paintings hanging in my home someday. you can view the whole collection here.


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“the one”

it’s finally happened.

it’s been awhile since I first started keeping my eye out for the perfect area rug for my living room (since before I moved, actually). I knew it would be a significant amount of money for me, and I wanted to make sure that it was something I was completely in love with. as per one of my previous “discovered” posts, I do love a good moroccan style rug. my favorite colors to decorate with are grays, white, and black and I either wanted a blue rug or rug with blue in it, to be a pop of color, or stick to my beloved neutrals and bring in color in other ways. I finally had some money available to spend so I checked my favorite decor websites (west elm, urban outfitters, burke decor, and others) and then a couple other places like target that I knew had stylish rugs for cheaper. my goal was to find an 8′ x 10′ for $200 or less. finally I checked overstock because I had seen some sheepskins on there that I liked.

and I found it!


I love it. it has a traditional print (quite similar to a rug my grandmother had, which gives me good memories) but in wonderful colors. I’ve got quite a few projects I’m working on for my living room right now that I will be sure to post soon, and hopefully some time in the near future I will be finished enough to do a room tour with the rug in place.

discovered: candles



okay, so I know it seems crazy to shop for candles online when you can’t even smell them. or at least I feel a little silly saying I want something, whose main purpose is fragrance, when I can’t  sample it first. but these are just so elegant! I’m pretty sure I’d love them no matter what they smelled like 😉 and at the very least they are timeless decorations. I’d save every single one of these and reuse them after they burned out.

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etsy éclat



here are my four wants from etsy this week. with spring coming on I’ve been desperate to get more green living things in my home! this hanging planter is the best. the adorable little bunny was hand crafted by my best friend. it’s extra special because it’s one of the first things she’s hand sewn, but it’s still perfect! since I’ve been focusing on the art in my home lately, I’ve decided to do a grouping of photos and paintings of trees. this print would fit in nicely! and these gold and white bowls are the perfect thing to herald spring into the kitchen- they remind me of a sunny day.

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